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Health Products Business

The Problem

Our client sells a broad range of health products online. Suddenly one product in particular started to provoke a lot of enquiries because it had proved effective as a remedy for Asthma and Arthritis. Our client was a start up operation with no marketing staff so they asked us to help out.


The Solution

Step 1 – Website

The new product existed on their company website with all of the other products including hygienic toothbrush holders. When customers checked out our clients business online they had to read through lots of irrelevant information before they got to the product for Arthritis and Asthma. We created a low cost bespoke website for the new product so that customers could find what they were looking for quickly online.

Step 2 – Pay Per Click (PPC) & Natural Search

The health products market is highly competitive so the product name would take a long time to appear high up on Google natural search rankings. We developed a PPC campaign targeting people who were searching for Asthma and Arthritis products. The customer clicked through to the new bespoke site to find what they were looking for.

Step 3 – Integrated Marketing

Thousands of people search the internet for health products. However the lowest incidence of internet use is with older people and older people happen to be the biggest market for Arthritis. We tested an advertising campaign in the health supplements in the Irish newspapers and received 2000 phone calls in a week!

Step 4 – Outsourcing

Given the size of the company we needed to consider how to manage such spikes in demand. We approached several Irish suppliers and eventually put in place a telesales operation to handle all in bound calls and a logistics firm to handle warehousing and delivery. This model allows the owners to develop their business without employing huge numbers of extra staff at the same time as giving a great service to their new and existing customers.