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Leading Law Firm

The Problem

Our client was a large law firm that had built their success by focusing on one area of law and consequently had a narrow client base.

A newly appointed Managing Partner wanted to move his practice to the next level.


The Solution

Step 1 – Set a Vision

We encouraged the Managing Partner to write down what he hoped to achieve in his tenure as Managing Partner. We simply asked him to write down what he hoped his legacy would be.

Step 2 – Identify Obstacles

We then asked him to identify any significant obstacles.

It became obvious that the success of the firm had been driven by two natural business getters. We understood that many lawyers are terrified of selling and will avoid “cold calling” at all costs.

Step 3 – Develop a Strategy

We developed an in house business development training programme for all staff which amounted to nearly 100 lawyers from equity partners to associates. Rather than hard sell techniques we showed that existing customers offered the greatest potential for business growth. We also showed the lawyers how to win new business by conducting small scale seminars, writing articles and speaking at conferences.

Note: The same principles apply to all professional service firms – lawyers, accountants, architects.