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Leisure Group

The Problem

Our client runs a large chain of leisure centres throughout the country. They felt that their marketing was generally poor in terms of advertising, branding at the centres and online.


The Solution

Step 1 – Identify Key Strategic Issues

We ran some discovery sessions with the management team. This led us to identify five key strategic business issues four of which were outside the marketing brief! However the client felt that these key issues were more important than the original brief so we developed a strategy and a plan to address each of the five strategic issues.

Step 2 – Competitive Strategy

One issue we identified at the initial analysis stage was that 60% of the client’s revenue came from giving their swimming pool business and from kids swimming lessons in particular. However they were following a strategy that required them to invest heavily in the gym side of their business which is a very competitive and well served market. This realisation helped them to refocus on their core strengths and to realise that they could gain 30% growth from their core market.

Step 3 – Marketing Strategy

Returning to our original brief we developed a simple three step marketing strategy that focussed on retaining existing members, recruiting new members and building their brand.

Step 4 – Marketing Plan

We then worked with the managers of the individual leisure centres to develop a 12 month rolling plan which they will implement locally.

Step 5 – Emarketing & Social Media

We reviewed the clients existing website and made recommendations for improvement particularly given the word of mouth opportunities afforded by the increasing important social media tools. Young mothers in particular have strong online network groups using websites like and in particular.