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Private Equity Firm

The Problem

Our client was a private equity firm with €2 billion worth of assets under management. They had grown quickly and now needed to develop a marketing strategy for the business.


The Solution

Step 1 – Strategic Review

We facilitated a highly planned strategic review with each member of the senior team presenting their views on the business to the group. They were asked to address the simple question “what’s working and what’s not”. After some healthy debate several core themes started to emerge. The key issue was that the firm needed to communicate better with existing and potential investors. Clients calls were tying up valuable resource and external profile of the firm was low.

Step 2 – Client Communication

We implemented easy to read monthly investment updates and market overview to the investors so that they could easily track the value of their investment.

Small scale seminars were held where investors were given a chance to meet the key property developers who were based overseas. This gave investors direct access to the developers and to gain confidence by hearing their questions directly.

Step 3 – PR

We briefed a leading financial PR company who had strong relations with the financial press. This led to a significant increase in media presence and coverage in the key financial pages.

Step 4 – Website Development

We redeveloped the website to make it user friendly and allowed visitors to find what they wanted quickly which is the key to great websites. We created separate customer journeys for private and institutional investors and property developers who would each have different reasons to visit the site.

Finally we created a client zone which allowed investors to find out at any time how their investment was doing without tying up valuable staff time.