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Retail Business – Digital Marketing

Our client is a long established retail business in the traditional business supplies market.

The Problem

The client had invested in exciting new 3D printing technology and they needed to communicate this to their target audience but they were not sure of the best approach.


Digital Marketing Solution

The client initially wanted to advertise on radio. After some initial discussions we realised that the target audience was very specific. So we recommended a combination of telesales and digital marketing.

The telesales approach required up to develop a database of about 500 prospects. These were called and sent a follow up email with a link to a specific microsite which we developed specifically for the project.

The digital marketing approach involved a combination of paid for search advertising using Google and LinkedIn advertising tools. We also helped the client to make their web site more search engine friendly. They had made one critical error which was keeping their ranking very low.

Measuring Marketing Activity

The Google AdWords campaign produced five enquiries per week whereas the telemarketing activity produced none! The learning here for us and the client is that in all marketing activity it is important to test, measure and refine our marketing activity over time.

Stage two of the campaign will focus on developing and refining the digital marketing programme.