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Retail Client – Positioning Strategy

Our client is a well-established retail business with operations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

The Problem

The recession has caused our client to change their business substantially to help them survive. However they had changed so much that they were no longer clear about their business proposition i.e. why were their clients buying from them and how if they were different to their competitors in any way.

Strategic Marketing Solution

Client and Staff Research

The first stage of the process was to interview all of their staff which produced a very clear view that they were all about service. Stage two was to conduct a series of ten minute phone interviews with their customers to understand what our client was doing well or badly.

It turned that the customers relied on our client for a good quality service delivered to very short deadlines. The good news was that the customers didn’t really care that much about price.

So we were able to identify for our client that the essence of their proposition boiled down to three words – quality service quickly but the most important word was quickly!

This insight has led the client to focus on developing a client base where speed was mission critical and an internal operation that is focussed on delivering a super-fast service.