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Category: Marketing Plans

  • Marketing Agency – Dublin

    22 October 2014

    What does an advertising agency sell? What does a design agency sell? What does a PR agency sell? The answers…

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  • New Business Logic

    08 March 2013

    Lawyers and accountants are famous for their powers of logic. So here’s an interesting logical sequence that is based on…

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  • Hunting For Elephants

    07 November 2012

    What will your fee income be in five years time based on current assumptions? Take out a pen and paper…

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  • Will Power

    07 November 2012

    Following on from my last article about networking I recently attended a networking workshop for accountants and lawyers. The workshop…

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  • New Business 2012

    16 November 2011

    Christmas is coming so its time to start thinking about business development plans and budgets for 2012. Easier said than done…

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  • Lucky marketing plans !

    14 June 2010

    Isn’t it strange how much luck has influenced the course of business recently.     I’m thinking of the Icelandic…

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  • Marketing Planning – the key to recovery

    30 October 2009

    As of yesterday the world recession is over! GDP numbers in the US market which is the world’s largest economy…

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