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Marketing Agency Dublin

Standout is a Dublin based marketing agency with a difference.
We help our clients to market themselves effectively and to increase their sales.

There are two key components to what we do:

  1. Thinking – or strategy if you prefer
  2. Doing – producing marketing programmes

The thinking bit is about helping our clients to figure out what they need to do. This might involve market research, brainstorming or positioning strategy.
It might also involve some basic trial and effort based on experience and willing to test and measure.
When we have established a clear strategy we then go about building marketing campaigns and producing marketing materials for those campaigns.

Recently we’ve been pretty busy. One of our clients had no business in Dublin so we:

  • Helped them acquire a business in Dublin
  • Then we did some customer research to find out what their new customers really wanted
  • Based on the research we created a new proposition for the business.
  • We helped them to rebrand and to change their corporate identity
  • Then we built their new web site
  • We announced the new merger in the Irish Press and in digital media
  • We developed a digital marketing programme that included digital advertising and social media
  • The last thing we‘ve done is develop an email marketing programme to help them stay in touch with their clients effectively.
  • And we helped them to find a CEO for the Dublin business (which isn’t strictly marketing but that what they needed)

And we have a lot more to do……

So if you would like to work with an agency that will really work for you please drop us a quick call on 01 2143030 or email