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Is Outsourced Marketing A Good Idea

13 January 2015

Its certainly an option that is worth considering…

Most big companies have their own in house marketing people. They get to know the details of a companies operation and certainly on an hourly basis they probably work out less expensive.

However most of these big companies also buy in outside marketing expertise in specialist areas like design, creativity, digital media etc. Why ? Because its not possible for one or two in house people to know everything about marketing

For smaller to medium sized companies outsourcing can make a lot of sense:

If all the company can afford is a junior marketer then unfortunately they get an inexperienced person who is likely to makes mistakes and get pushed around by the hierarchy.

Outsourcing may cost more it means you get the right level of marketer and the cost is only there when it is needed. outsourced-marketing

It means you can buy  in specific expertise and internal staff don’t get distracted trying to learn the latest marketing tools

Its also nicely accountable – either the outsider delivers or they don’t.

So outsourcing is not for everyone but it is a really good option in the right circumstances.