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Marketing Strategy

Do you need help with your marketing strategy & marketing plan?

At Standout we have helped small and medium sized business to figure out what is right for them.
The big mistake that most people make is to charge out and start doing “marketing stuff”. In fact millions of euro are wasted by embarking on marketing activity without a clear strategy.


After nearly 30 years of marketing practice we know that the key to identifying the right strategy is to be 100% clear on exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. So that’s where we always start.
We then construct a strategy that will deliver the objectives that we have set.
Sometimes this involves some trial and error and that we why we test and measure all of our activities. In fact one of the attractions of some digital marketing techniques is that testing and measuring can be done at very low cost.

Some marketing gurus promise instant results. However we have worked with some of the biggest and best marketing companies in the world and we know that really successful marketing strategy is a gradual process that gets refined over time.
Of course marketing strategy is not all about advertising and promotion. We have helped our clients in all aspects of marketing strategy including:

    1. Positioning Strategy – helping clients identify their key selling points
    2. Pricing Strategy – managing price points and price increases where possible
    3. Distribution Strategy – identifying the best route to market in Ireland and internationally
    4. Product Development – developing and launching new product ideas

If you would like to develop a professional marketing strategy that will deliver you improved sales results for your business please call us on 01 2143030 or email