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PM Forum 2012

19 June 2012

The details of the Professional Services Marketing conference are outlined below:

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As marketers, we know that the first place to start is client needs. What do our clients (ie MPs) see as the key priority for their marketing experts? ‘Client relationships’ has consistently topped the list over the past year according to the MPF’s quarterly CEO Priorities Monitor.

Client silos are breaking down as client CEOs insist on more for less, and technical specialists such as legal officers become more commercial in their outlook through working far closer with peers from marketing and other departments. These client-side trends and pressures are beginning to revolutionise what is expected from advisory firms.

The PM Forum conference programme includes not only our traditional client panel, but also a keynote session to explore marketers’ contribution to the client experience in the light of the 2012 Financial Times/MPF study into effective client-adviser relationships.

Could it be that we will finally have some credible ammunition to convince partners of our vital contribution to the top line, and thereby gain sufficient authority to really shape the client experience? And which pioneer will be the first to highlight management prowess in its client communications?

Join hundreds of members for a fascinating day that should help us prepare for a world in which the marketing agenda is heavily influenced by client demands for firms to give the impression of being well managed.

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Posted By Melanie Robbins