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When is Marketing Marketing ?

02 December 2013

No this isn’t a typo. Its just that sometimes people don’t understand what effective Professional Services marketing is all about…..

This week I met a very nice lady called Rose at a seminar arranged by a client of mine who runs an accountancy practice. Quite a shy person – not at all a “marketing type” if you know what I mean. She told me that she runs several businesses including a laundrette business in Ranalagh. We had a good chat and she asked me for my card explaining that she was’t any good at marketing and she might need some help.

So we talked a little bit more about marketing a launderette. I suggested that most of her business would be local so word of mouth would be important. Rose confirmed that most of the clients were local business people or people who lived nearby. Warming to the task, I came up with a couple of ideas such as offering a little incentive for people on their tenth visit – maybe a nice chocolate like you get in Butlers with your coffee. It was only my first idea !

Rose paused and side stepping my idea politely she told me what she actually does.

She said that she always sows buttons back on shirts, free of charge, if there was a button missing and that people seemed to appreciate that. She also told me that she always pressed sheets for customers – she never charged for that either. It was just a nice little something extra she does that people really like.  She didn’t think too much of this. Its just how she would like things to be done if she was was a customer – she told me. I asked Rose if she did any marketing. No she said. I asked how she got all her customers – through word of mouth referrals !  Isn’t that interesting !

Try Superpleasing your existing clients and watch the business roll in. Its the most powerful form of marketing for a professional services firm. So much for my box of chocolates. Rose is the real marketeer !