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Outsourced Marketing Director

The service we provide is very simple. We manage all of your marketing requirements for you – big or small. Effectively its just the same as having your own marketing Director but without having to commit to the recruitment, management and training ie the cost on a full time basis.

Who does it suit ?

Some companies need the services of a senior experienced marketing director but not on a full time basis – they may have some full time junior marketing staff who can do most of the implementation but lack experience.


Other companies need a senior marketer in their business but they don’t want to commit to the €100k plus salary to pay for the experience.Some companies have marketing projects that they need to outsource to a safe pair of hands.

So how does the Outsourced Marketing Director Service work ?

Several smaller companies do most of their own in house marketing but they cant afford a really senior marketing person. All they really need is some senior advice to make sure they are focussing on the right things. So we meet monthly or quarterly for half a day and we set a programme of activity that the client themselves implement. The value of this is that the client knows that they are working on the right activity. The service pays for itself because we often stop clients from doing things that are ineffective and get them to focus on the activity that delivers maximum return on investment.

For some larger clients we provide a complete marketing service. In this scenario we develop and agree the marketing strategy with the business owners or MD and then we implement the marketing programme. This is like having your own in house marketing function. The reason clients like this model is that this approach allows them to focus on their core business eg accountancy or retail or manufacturing or technology. It allows them to have a professional marketing function which they can turn on or off when it suits them.

At Standout the marketing service we provide is simple and straight forward.

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