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Snared at Ouzos!

21 November 2011

A little while ago I wrote an article about how to capture word of mouth referrals – Professional service firms need rabbits. The key message was to Superplease your clients by doing something for them beyond the ordinary i.e. its more than just doing good work it’s about servicing the client. The example I gave was about a decking builder who had carved a wooden rabbit from some left over wood which the family fell in love with and told all their friends about this great company. My challenge was for you to find an appropriate rabbit for your business development strategy. Examples always help and yesterday I found another great example:

I attended a meeting in Blackrock that ran 30 minutes late. I returned to my car expecting to see a parking fine only to find that someone had topped up my meter for me! He left a little note calling himself the parking angel explaining what he had done and why he had done it . It turned out to be the owner of Ouzos restaurant which is in Blackrock village. I popped in for lunch as he had just saved me €40 and now I’m telling you all about Ouzos great idea – see this Superpleasing thing works!

So now you can start looking for the angels and the rabbits in your business!