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“Building a Strategy by Listening to Your Clients”

6th March 2014

Paul Banks, MD of Standout Marketing

What is your most important source of existing business? Your clients! OK that was the easy one.
What is your most important source of new business? Your clients!

So not only do your existing clients deliver 100% of your existing business but they will also produce more than 80% of your new business through word of mouth referrals.

What do your clients think of you? What are their needs? How have they changed over the past five years? What services do they value today?

David Maister the guru of Professional Services Marketing holds Listening as one of the top 5 strategies for a Professional Service firm. In fact he says that Listening to clients should really be the first piece of marketing activity for any serious firm.

So when was the last time you really listened to them? In fact have you ever given them a chance to air their views in a professional structured manner?

This very practical seminar will demonstrate a great new way to listen to your clients in a very cost effective manner.

It will also show two case studies where Listening to clients has produced substantial new business opportunities.
Paul Banks has developed a new methodology specifically for Professional Service firms.

  1. You will learn what your clients think of you today
  2. Identify disgruntled clients and take action
  3. Learn what services your clients are looking for in the future
  4. You will identify significant new business opportunities

As we exit recession and start building strategies for growth it is a perfect time to Listen to your existing clients.

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Paul Banks is Ireland’s leading Professional Services marketeer